Corundum Trust Company

The Opportunity of More Than One Lifetime

Corundum Trust Company is an independent, private trust company located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Founded exclusively to serve the trust management needs of The Corundum Group’s worldwide clientele, the trust company is a rarity in the world of wealth management. Our experienced team works to oversee the growth and preservation of family legacies. By using our specialized capabilities to leverage opportunities offered by a South Dakota situs, we create wealth management solutions that remain effective for generations to come.

The South Dakota Advantage

South Dakota offers advantages for trust and estate planning including the following:

  • No state income tax. Trust income is generally taxed at the state and federal levels. Because South Dakota currently has no state income tax, this reduction of your wealth is avoided.

  • No law against perpetuities. Most states require trusts to terminate at some point. South Dakota law has no such requirement, so a properly structured trust can last as long as the grantor wishes and thereby avoid federal estate tax during the life of the trust. These trusts are known as Perpetual, Legacy or Dynasty trusts, and each is a powerful estate planning tool not available in most states.

  • Spendthrift provisions. South Dakota’s spendthrift laws offer a degree of protection to trust assets from the claims of creditors. 

Corundum Trust Company’s professional services extend far beyond the scope of common bank trustees. We aren’t limited by institutional lists of proprietary products or services, nor are we unduly influenced by them. So instead of off-the-rack plans and tactics, you get disciplined thinking, a conservative work ethic, and carefully chosen investment vehicles, based on the collective wisdom of the country’s best investment strategists.

* Trust services are offered and available only to residents of jurisdictions where the trust company has been qualified to conduct trust business. Investment products are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by a bank and may lose value.