Goals of Investment

Planning That Makes Sense—Planning That Makes Money

Our goal in investment management is to provide you with custom-designed strategies that address your distinctive needs while accommodating your attitude toward risk. The Corundum Group employs a wide range of investment vehicles to help you achieve your growth, income, risk management, and diversification objectives.

  • Private Portfolio Managers

  • Publicly Traded Equity Funds

  • Public and Privately Traded Fixed Income Assets

  • Hedging, Risk Management and Income Enhancement Strategies

  • Venture Capital and Other Private Stock Offerings

  • Real Estate Lending and Equity Investments

  • Oil and Gas Investments

  • Other Alternative Investment Opportunities

Analysis Using Asset Allocation and Management
Setting the Terms, Reaping the Rewards

The investment process at The Corundum Group begins with an in-depth examination of your income goals, growth objectives, and tolerance for risk.
Working with you to develop the methods necessary to achieve your goals, we then use modern portfolio theory and sophisticated computer modeling to establish a well-tailored asset allocation. The result is an investment strategy that is flexible and in alignment with your goals and objectives.
This style of personal asset allocation and management translates into the flexibility to move your money among asset classes and/or asset managers as conditions warrant, with the goal of attaining  consistent performance even through volatile markets.

* Investment products are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by a bank and may lose value.