Publicly Traded Securities

Working With Winners

The Corundum Group’s approach to publicly traded markets is to utilize the expertise of professional money management firms. We undertake a thorough screening and selection process of the premier investment managers and make our final selections after an intensive interview process. This is the same proven process used by large institutions such as endowment funds and pension plans.
Essential criteria in our search include the following:

  • Superior performance: high risk-adjusted after-tax returns

  • History of the manager or fund: time in existence, resumé of the manager or managers and depth of talent

  • Investment style: security selection process and method of analysis

Once our experts are selected, we work with them to create proprietary investment vehicles — funds exclusively designed to enhance your portfolio’s investment performance while providing favorable tax advantages and competitive management fees.

* Investment products are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by a bank and may lose value.