Financial Concierge

Financial Concierge

We meet a variety of unique needs for our clients.  Some clients simply need strategic investment services, while others seek a more comprehensive service platform consisting of a range of the services we can provide.  Our team of professionals’ address everything from day-to-day transactional needs to long-term strategic planning.   Whether your family requires investment management or a broader array of products, we can help.

Estate Planning & Administration

The Opportunity of more than one life time

The Corundum Group has substantial experience in developing comprehensive strategies providing for the orderly and tax-effective transfer of wealth from generation to generation.

We begin with a review of your current estate plan. We can provide feedback and talk through the various provisions of your plan, and then work with you to determine if any changes are needed for a long-term approach. We have a network of estate planning attorneys, or we can work with your existing legal team to ensure a streamlined plan.

As we see it, an estate plan is an ongoing family conversation. Discussing these matters with your family members may provide unique opportunities and perhaps some challenges — and we will be with you each step of the way to help facilitate the communication of the plan and its impacts. We realize that this is a critical tool in building and sustaining your family legacy.

Private Banking & Cash Management

Convenient Concierge Services

The Corundum Group provides access to private banking services designed to meet complex financial needs. We can coordinate these individualized services by handling sensitive financial transactions in a closed, confidential setting that serves as a buffer for unwanted inquiries and solicitations.



Services Include:

  • Personal lines of credit at favorable rates, negotiated with the collective financial strength of our clients
  • Streamlining the mortgage process by shopping rates and working directly with brokers
  • Commercial loans
  • Household bill payment and account reconciliation with easy-to-read summary reports

Tax Management, Planning,
and Accounting

Many Happy Returns

Our tax and accounting partners offer an extensive range of services aimed at minimizing your income and estate taxes. Our team works diligently to stay apprised of the ever-changing tax code to ensure efficiency with your tax plan. We provide financial reporting and record keeping, and coordinate comprehensive return preparation, all based on your long-range financial strategy.

Risk Management

Insuring and protecting your assets

Evaluating and managing risk goes beyond your portfolio. We encourage our clients to consider and plan for other forms of exposure, including frivolous lawsuits, loss of valuable articles or collectibles, liabilities due to domestic staff, overseas travel, and more.

Insurance Procurement

Because of their unique needs, affluent families may have inadequate insurance protection for their homes, autos, valuable possessions, and liability risks. The Corundum Group, through our network of trusted insurance professionals, provides highly personalized guidance and support for our clients’ insurance needs, including reviews for home, auto, watercraft, personal valuables, and personal liability exposures.

Multi-Family Office

Representing families, foundations, and individuals

The Corundum Group was initially established to serve the financial needs of just one family. Over time, we found the expertise and style of our firm was appealing to other families, and as such, we have slowly expanded to become a “multi-family office.” Our team commands the resources and sophistication of larger firms. We can deliver access to top professionals through our select network of partners in law, tax accounting, investment management, banking, and more.

Most importantly, we understand the unique dynamics of both newly created and inherited wealth. We build personalized strategies that give you the level of control you desire to enjoy wealth’s privileges to the fullest today — and to facilitate its transfer in the future.