Wealth Management Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before committing to a wealth management firm, it is only natural to have questions about our wealth management process and how we structure our approach to meet your unique goals. With offices in Denver and Colorado Springs, The Corundum Group is ready to help you meet your financial goals. Read more below or connect with us directly for a conversation about your needs.

General Questions About The Corundum Group

We provide traditional investment advisory services and a range of other concierge services to our clients.

Absolutely, even with our wealth management advisors based out of Colorado Springs and Denver, we serve clients in many states and internationally.

We serve a range of clients from large families with inherited intergenerational wealth, to wealth creators and business owners, to young entrepreneurs building their nest egg. While we specialize in serving clients with investable assets in excess of $5 million, we will certainly work with all clients where we mutually find a good fit.

The Corundum Group has been serving families since 1992. Combined, our advisors have more than a century of wealth management experience. Our advisors have also earned a variety of designations like the Series 63, CFPs (Certified Financial Planners) to further their knowledge as wealth advisors.

No call centers here! You will work directly with your personal advisor and their dedicated support team.

Socially-responsible, ESG investing, social impact investing – all these types of investment strategies mean very different things to each person. We can work with clients to understand their goals and craft portfolios that met their individual needs.

At minimum, you would meet with your advisor on an annual basis. Early on, you will likely meet with your advisor more frequently. We provide quarterly reporting to you, and we are always available to meet as needed.

We believe The Corundum Group provides a unique opportunity combining the best of both worlds – big bank investment options and analytics with a boutique service style. You will never get a call center when working with us, and we are always working to bring you unique investment opportunities.

Our clients engage on many levels. Some simply want to help set the strategy and turn the keys over to us for execution and annual reviews. Others wish to be involved more actively.

General Investment Questions Answered by Our Wealth Advisors

Depending on a variety of factors, each investor faces different tax scenarios. It is important to understand the factors that impact your tax burden and craft an investment plan that is in step with these other considerations.

While some may have sentimental connections to various holdings, for most investors a diversified portfolio provides risk management and more predictable returns.

If desired, we stand ready to be the quarterback of your financial life helping to oversee a variety of items that can all work together to ensure the successful realization of your goals This can include estate planning, setting up a trust, tax management, and of course investment advisement. See more of our unique service offering here.

We are experts in managing family dynamics and helping introduce and educate more mature children on financial matters. There is no “one-size fits all” approach here, so we work with you to determine the best approach.

Trusts can serve a variety of purposes in one’s financial plan – and sometimes they are unnecessary documents. We can work with you to determine which trust vehicles may work best for you and your financial goals. Our trust company can also act as a corporate trustee as needed.

While you will need legal counsel as well, we have walked through this process with a number of clients and can help educate you before, during and after the sale. We can also leverage our network of experts to help find legal counsel if needed.

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